Randy's 1950 Ford Station Wagon
Several Years Work


I have moved the radiator all the way forward to make room
for the Ford 351W and serpentine system.

The minimal wiring and gauges are temporary.  Column is a Flaming River.
Power brakes are 100%.  You can see all the floor pan work here.  New firewall, toe boards, transmission tunnel and floorboards.  All the welds need to be sealed.

Passenger side floorpan, toeboard and firewall.  Cover on the side
of the transmission tunnel is for access to pressure check the trans.

Note the three cut outs around the "A" pillar.  That and the small
area below the top hinge need to be repaired.

Placement of the two front buckets.  I'm using four 1997 Explorer seats.

Area behind the passenger seat floorpan that will need to be repaired.

Another area to be repaired on the right rear.

Small area on top left to be filled.
Note the lack of a drip rail.  I've decided to forgo a gutter
and replace it with curving roof line that extends over the wood.

Same as the passenger side.  Various holes to be filled.

Remarkably, the rockers were in pretty good shape, except
for this one little spot.

Firewall was replaced.  It will need some work to smooth out and
make presentable

Detail showing damage to the upper drivers side windshield area.
Passenger side shows no damage.

Detail showing damage to upper middle of the windshield lip.  Needs to be
fixed.  I will be running a two piece windshield so the dividing bar will go

The upper lift gate is pretty nasty, but repairable.  This is the outside.

This is the inside.

Front suspension shot.  I have air bags all the way around.

The exhaust is temporary.  This shot shows the under body
master cylinder.  I expect it to be the lowest point of the car.

This shows the various floorpan work that was needed to accommodate
the AOD trans.