1950 Ford Station Wagon
The Engine

I decided to splurge and buy a turn key motor.  I chose this from the Engine Factory.
It's a Ford 351 with Edelbrock RPM heads, Edelbrock Endurashine Air Gap, 800 CFM
 Edelbrock Carb, 9.7:1 compression and a Comp Cam.  It should put out a little more
than 400 hp.

It's also dressed up with a March serpentine kit, chrome alternator,
polished compressor and water pump.

One of the first test fits.

The Ford front oil pump would wind up causing all kinds of grief for me.

Also, the serpentine set and long snout water pump would cause problems later.

It it's worst case position it will still fit.  It's just very high.

I think with a little work I can get the engine down.

This view shows just how high it started out.  Believe it or not, the engine fits
under the hood with a couple of inches to spare.  But this isn't where it's staying.