Randy's 50 Ford Woodie Front Suspension

About 1999 I saw a small advertisement for the DC Metal Fabricators' Mustang II front frame kit in Street Rodder.  After I visited their small shop in Huntington Beach I realized two things.
1) I really liked the way the frame was modified to accommodate a Mustang II front suspension. 
2) I suspected the little company wouldn't be in business very long.

So I bought the kit and sure enough, they went out of business soon after.

This page shows the frame before the original front cross member was removed.

A pretty lame shot from the back of the frame.  You do get to see my MIG,
arc and gas welders.  I don't recall using the MIG on any of this.  All the welding
was done with an arc welder.  The cross member was removed with a torch.

At this point, I have welded in a spreader bar behind the cross member to help
maintain the frame geometry.  On the floor in the left of the picture is the cross
member support brace.  The right side brace has the VIN stamped in it.  This
piece gets saved and welded back on later.

I used a piece of angle iron supported on each side by equal length sockets
to level the frame.  The sockets spaced the bar up off of the uneven welds
along the frame.  I used the body mounting holes to place the angle iron.
I then leveled the frame using the angle iron and another at the very nose
of the frame.

You can see that I have started the work of cutting the frame.  The right brace is out
and the left one has been cut.
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