There's certain things I like about this interior.  But the back (behind the rear seat) is too "swoopy" and the console is too wide.  The proportions are wrong.


This is actually the dash that made me not like the console rising up to the dash.


Notice how far back these seats are.  Too far back and it makes the luggage area too small and not proportioned correctly.


A shot of an almost stock '51.  But I like the sun visors, even though they are too bulky.


So I guess that chrome bead around the dash is stock for a '51.  Here's a small console.


One more thing to think about... can we put in a radio in the stock location?  Will the screen pop out far enough in front of the clock so it will tilt up enough to view?


Another console that rises up to the dash.  I hate the instrument cluster (speedo).


This one gives me some ideas.  Maybe run the console flat.  I think the LCD is a display head for the DVD player in the console.