Things to do at Resurrection Rod and Custom 4Sept2009

Right Rear Corner Right Side 3 Holes Around A Pillar Dash Mount Sheet Metal Lower Front Splash Cancer Left Side, Top, Above Door -  Hole
Right Rear Wheel Well Cancer Hole in Right Rocker Dash Mount Sheet Metal Fix Hole in Left Door Cancer repair & Separated Body from Roof
Access Panel (front of rear fender wells) Upper W/S Mounting Lip Finish Firewall Left A Pillar - Fix 2 Holes Left Rear Rear Hole
Floorboard, in front of access panel Left Side W/S Mounting Lip Finish Firewall Left A Pillar Hinge Area Left Rear Upper Hole
Right Side A Pillar Hinge Area Dash Mount Sheet Metal Finish Right Side Inner Fender Well Left Side Floorboard Cancer Fabricate Left Inner Fender Skirt
Fabricate Lip along Roof and A & C Pillars to replace drip rail


Remove body, fix holes, seal seams, apply final paint to bottom