Randy & Kim's 1950 Ford Shoebox Woodie



In late September 2012 I was able to drive the Woodie to Laughlin for the annual Roddin' on thr River show.  The interior work has not started so I think I have cardboard panels on the inside. This picture includes my 34 Coupe alongside the Woodie.
This picture from  2015 shows everyone relaxing in the late afternoon sun..

I rarely do car shows.  But I enjoyed Roddin' on the River and attended it from 1997 to 2017.  Most years, that was the only car show I attended. In 2015, the Woodie was selected as one of the top 3 cars at the show and was included on the T-Shirts for 2016.  I probably spent more on T-Shirts than I did building the car.  Not really.  Not even close.  But I was beyond proud to be recognized.


Here we are back at Roddin' on the River in 2016, having a great time Cruising.  The reason I liked this show was it had a completely fenced in show area with security.  And it allowed me to drive the car 5 hours each direction.  I love driving my cars!
My new favorite show is the Woodies in the Valley show in Visalia.  This picture was taken in 2015 after the cruise. 

Woodies in the Valley 2016.