Randy & Kim's 1950 Ford Shoebox Woodie

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In the fall of 1997, I met a fellow hot rodder at a car show and mentioned that
I was interested in building a shoebox woodie.
Turns out he had one in his backyard!  After I looked it over I decided it was
was too much work and passed on it.

But my wife decided she wanted to keep track of me and she bought it for
for me as a Christmas gift.  $1300 put this major project in my driveway.
I then disassembled the car for easier storage.

The wood was shot.  You could poke your finger through it.
This is going to take some work
I think I went through more than the 1 can of WD-40 shown here!

Just a little rust.  At least it was easy to find the body to frame bolts.
The car originally came with a 6 cylinder but had been upgraded to a flathead V8.  The engine was in pretty good shape.

Here me and my two friends show off after lifting the body off the frame.
It would be several years before I got around to starting the project.